About the same time that our newly-rescued Jake and Lalo (of Two Dog Nursery fame), came home, we were also pining for a Victory Garden. The “boys” immediately set about destroying our back yard (that’s gratitude!), and with the majority of our direct sun hitting the driveway, our dear friend (and web designer), Jeff, suggested we try the EarthBox. Well, one order led to another, and now we grow in 42 of them, year-round! (Up on tables, away from frantically digging paws!) Below are photos of some of our own crops; there were many others we never photographed – probably because by then the Nursery had taken over. We love them! They’re clean, convenient, basically fool-proof, resource-saving, attractive, and did I mention, addictive!

Click for “What to Grow” in an EarthBox, and “Easy Planting Instructions.

Heirloom Tomatoes


Champion Collards

Blue Lake Pole Beans


Snow Peas & Green Beans


Gourmet Lettuce Mix

French Filet Beans


Golden Bantam Corn

Collards and Gourmet Lettuce Mix

DiCiccio Broccoli


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